Based on an annual property management contract

Note: One year’s management is free of charge for owners who bought their property from us or who use our rental service.

What we do:
Inspect the property and prepare it for the arrival of the owners or their guests.

  1. Key holding.
  2. Inspection of the property inside out every week.
  3. Watering the plants on the balconies every week.
  4. Flushing the toilets and running water through all of the taps to leave fresh water in the pipes.
  5. Checking electrical appliances, AC, bulbs, etc.
  6. Informing the owner by phone and in writing of any problem.
  7. Repairs and Maintenance

During the course of our normal inspections of the property, various maintenance/repair situations may arise. These will be notified to the owner immediately and we will be happy to provide you with our own, highly competitive quotations.

  1. Checking mail box and forwarding all mail to the owner as required.
  2. Prepare property for owner or guests’ arrival, making up beds, putting out clean towels, etc. Switch on air conditioning/heating, boiler, fridge and appliances. Also switching on lights if there is a night arrival.
  3. Cleaning inside and out including swimming pool, gardening, cleaning linen and towels plus welcome package for the owner or guests (additional charge).
  4. Paying water, electricity and internet bills if required.
  5. Annual inventory report.
  6. Regular email report.
  7. 24/7 call-out service.
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