To help you decide the best area for you, we've started including short descriptions of the areas most popular with shoppers in the form of area guides for numerous areas. Click on the links below to find out more about an area that interests you. At EXPERT ESTATE we try to give you all the information we can in our Guide to the area so that you can make the most informed decision when it comes to buying or renting your home on the beautiful Mediterranean coasts of the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida.

The Costa Calida Two seas on one coast - the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean -, towering cliffs, paradisiacal beaches of endless white sand, lively ports and wild coves with crystal clear water, over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year and mild temperatures - even in winter - with an annual average of over 18ºC. This is the Costa Cálida, the ideal place to spend a few days relaxing in both winter and summer.

All trips have a magical moment. In the Costa Blanca, that instant when the traveler experiences some kind of revelation can happen in many different times and places. It could happen while taking a walk at sunset, when the "warm and humble light" described by Gabriel Miró begins to hide behind the peak of the Aitana mountain. It could happen when you feel the happiness of childhood games while visiting one of the 170 beaches and coves along the Mediterranean coast. Or it could happen when sailing the ocean on a pleasure boat, feeling the east or south-east wind against the sails, when using our rhythmic energy while kayaking, or after completing one of the province's 21 golf courses in where the sun shines over 300 days a year. We have a number of area guides for you on the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida.


7 good reasons to choose the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida


1. Fantastic beaches

The Costa Blanca has 71 blue flag beaches (2019 data), a higher figure than any other region in the world! The blue flag is an international measure of the excellent quality of the beaches. From kilometre-long sandy beaches to small charming coves, the Costa Blanca offers you the best variety and choice to enjoy the golden sands and the sound of the waves.

 2. Infraestructures
The Costa Blanca has one of the best infrastructures in Spain.  It boasts an international airport with flights to multiple destinations with more than 15 million passengers a year, a high-speed rail line (AVE) to Madrid, train connection with the entire coast, a ferry to Ibiza and Formentera and let's not forget the TRAM, a local tram in Alicante city that connects with all of the coastal towns in the Northern Costa Blanca as far as Denia.
3. Sea and Mountain
Alicante is a province of contrasts, with very flat terrain in south and very mountainous areas in the north and the interior of the province.  In addition to creating very attractive landscapes this makes the region ideal for lovers of hiking, climbing and cycling.  In winter numerous professional cycling teams come to train in the hills of the Costa Blanca north.
4. A fabulous climate
With an average temperature of 18 degrees, the Costa Blanca is the region of Spain that enjoys the highest number of sunny days - up to 320 per year! The luminosity, together with the Mediterranean climate, offers mild winters and many other advantages, such as less wind than other regions that face the Atlantic Ocean, make the Costa Blanca one of the best possible European destinations.
5. Gastronomy
With several restaurants included in the Michelin Guide and others not so recognized but very famous among the local population, the Costa Blanca offers a wide and varied gastronomic experience with options for all budgets.
6. Golf
The province has 23 golf courses distributed from north to south, some of them of the highest level and recognized on international circuits. Any lover of this sport should know that they can find several courses where they can enjoy a round within a short distance of wherever they decide to buy.
7. Excellent Prices
The relative abundance of land compared to other Spanish areas make housing prices on the Costa Blanca more affordable.   There is quite a significant difference in prices throughout the province -  the higher prices being in the north of the Costa Blanca, motivated by the mountainous nature of the land and the better views of the sea, and lower prices to the south of the Costa Blanca, where the land is more even and therefore has more availability on which to build.